Douglas H. Jablon

Special Assistant to the President &
Senior Vice President of Patient Relations

Maimonides Medical Center

Best of Maimonides Award

Douglas Jablon’s 40 year history of dedicated service with Maimonides Medical Center and the communities it serves has earned him the love and respect of patients, doctors, nurses, employees and administration. As an advocate for patient care, patients’ rights, and professional courteous customer service, Douglas is involved in every aspect of care provided by the Medical Center. He acts as the “sounding board” for patient, family and community concerns - a job in which his genuine concern for people truly shines.

Along with his dedicated Patient Relations staff, Douglas focuses on the special comfort, social, economic and cultural needs of patients and their families with compassion and sensitivity. This knowledge is shared with hospital administration in an effort to enhance and/or create processes for the continuous improvement of the quality of care provided by the Medical Center.

In addition to Patient Relations, Douglas oversees the activities of over 1,800 Maimonides Volunteers. These selfless individuals, including dedicated members of the “challenged” community, are students, young adults and seniors who give of their own free time to make the Maimonides patient experience as comfortable as possible, while providing invaluable services for the staff. His most recent appointment as Senior Vice President and additional responsibility of overseeing the newly designed Public Communications Department will further his commitment to ‘Quality, Compassionate Patient Care.’

Douglas has many gifts, but the special gift that he gives most often to the people he meets is the gift of himself. There are two types of people, the givers and the takers. We’ve all met the takers. Douglas, however, is a giver; your problems become his problems, your worries become his worries, your fears become his fears, and never is he happier than when he can share in your joys.

In January 2011, Douglas received the Aron Medal - a recognition bestowed on individuals who are truly extraordinary in their level of service to the Medical Center and community, as demonstrated by former Maimonides’ President and benefactor, Jack R. Aron.

Douglas received his MA in Education, Guidance and Counseling from Long Island University. He is married to Edy, a retired Public School teacher working with the Special Education Program. They are blessed with three married children, son Yitzy, and two daughters, Bonnie Pearl and Melissa. His grandchildren, Chana Tova, Esther Malka, Chaya Sara, Asher, Raizy, Shloimy, Binyomin Zev, Sara, Rachel Leah, and triplets, Chana Devorah, Asher and Hindy are a constant source of joy.

Douglas’ compassion, sensitivity and devotion to helping others fully represent the Best of Maimonides. We salute him as a Champion of Healing, with respect and warmest gratitude for all that he enables and accomplishes in our midst.

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